Saturday, March 29, 2014

Six weeks into lectures and two words; time flies!! Too fast. Can't believe 6 wks have passed and that teaching practical is drawing nearer and nearer. :0 FYI we have not been told on which school we're going to. erm..cepat skit leh tak. Most of my coursemates who do not have the comfort of staying at home need to plan for accommodation & transport. Not an easy task. 

On a diff note, I've always enjoyed the literature classes taught throughout these 3 years. They have helped me probe deeper into my thoughts and feelings, widening my horizons on things I've overlooked or never thought about before. Which leaves me thinking; how is it like in the English dept of the Faculty of Social Sciences? Maybe my thoughts will be challenged and my assignments will prolly be like a three-page essay of an analysis of a novel etc. interesting :) This. this is where my interest lies.

But I'm happy in tesl too. I guess it has grown on me now that i'm in my 3rd year already. oh wells... who knows, i might take masters in Eng lit. ;) 

Just a fragment of my thoughts out in the hot humid air today. Have a good week!


mOmO said...

hey tien! I actually thought of taking masters in English lit as well! haha! was quite sad I found this interest of mine only after entering TESL.

tien mie said...

high 5! we sama2 take haha. i think got requirements to enter wan if im not mistaken. i might go enquire for d masters programme someday & will let ya knw ;)

mOmO said...

okayy!! =D. but I'd probably go teach for a few years first to earn money, hopefully can pay for my own masters programme. will see la XD

pearly said...

Fight for your dreams.. I agree with you among all the courses we have taken in these 3 years, literature is the only subject that I found interesting and impressed me a lot.. Who knows a poem, a novel, a short story is able to teach us millions of things.. I like that so much you know..