Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life... is never a bed of roses. Take heart and be strong. Through petty or tough situations, taking a step up to confront and to reason things out (instead of hiding it where lama-kelamaan it will all explode) is needed for the own good of each party. This is where I grow as an adult for I know the transitioning period from a teen to young adult is tough where we have to deal with difficult situations in order to learn, and grow. The one who makes the first move to reason things out is the matured one. I guess that's where I come in.

for the record, I am irked by petty friendship issues. i mean who doesn't right. It takes two to tango to make a friendship work, not one solo performance. Friends should be honest and open with each other and not keep it all in, write it all in blogs/journals watever and then the next day, forget it all and act as if nothing happened, like without a clear face-to face explanation. Forgetting it doesn't mean the issue is solved k. There should be some sort of consensus/rationalizing to iron out these issues or else, the awkwardness will forever be there. I'm so mature right thanks.

I found an interesting article about friendship. However blunt this article might be, there is some truth in it: Article 145

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