Thursday, February 05, 2015

I chanced upon this yesterday at Popular at 80% off and I had to get it, hard cover and all: 

Since it was such a steal, I thought Hey why not just get it and educate myself about Nelson Mandela. Before reading this, all I know was that he championed for the Apartheid rule to be abolished and was sent to prison for that. Well actually that's the main gist of the book haha, since I just finished reading it. 

Great and informative book about his life; how he never gave up fighting and standing up for what he believed in. Sadly he was ridiculously imprisoned from the 1960s - 1990 for fighting for the rights of the black people. Stupid Apartheid rule! It made me angry that this rule was imposed for so many years, creating pointless barriers like 'White Area only', 'non-whites restaurants' and so on. How civilly barbaric, if you get what I'm tryin to say.

Get this book if you see it anywhere. Very informative. Nowadays I'm widening my reading genres to non-fiction/biography/war because I find them more fulfilling than reading fiction. Hooray? 

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