Sunday, March 22, 2015

great getaway

A few of us went to PD over the weekend recently for Joanna's wedding and although I thought it would disrupt my daily routines, I found it a good and much-needed getaway from easter practices, thesis, responsibilities and worries. It was short, but I had a great time of fellowship with my fellow church mates to get to know them better and to talk silly and random stuff. I enjoyed it :) 

Pictures below courtesy of Ames:

Me and Ames. I enjoyed catching up wit u on stuff and about d going-ons in your life. I'm always encouraged by ur presence, cheerfulness, encouragement & support. Will miss you lots :'(

1/4 of the crew before the wedding. Check out the blue sea of PD behind

Pretties in a lift. 

The 'after-party'/chillout session that consisted of beer towers, taboo, chitchat & singing games. Twas a good night of berbonding & fellowship!

This short trip was surprisingly refreshing. I'll miss this when some leave but all's not doom and gloom coz thre's still chance to meet up. But... things will be different. Ah well... Cheers to good memories & good times like this ^.^

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