Friday, October 23, 2015


So I'm officially a graduate from undergrad studies yay! 4 long years ok. Finally it is finished :) Here are some pics I took and some I got from fb:

this is such a happy picture. One of my favourite pictures so far. So glad to have taken it with Gan and cute ai vee! Will miss her sweetness and cheerfulness.

Yay one with Mel & Pearl! It was right after we exited the hall and there were so many people. But this pic looked really good :) Happy to have this picture as a memory to keep. 
My own portrait in front of the hall before the crowd comes. 

Orchid flowers that my mum bought for me :) I owe this to my parents and brother for their support and tremendous help. 

With Gan..You came all this way to KL and it was good to have met up with you twice before our convocation. Thank you for making time to meet and sacrificing your sleep to wake up super early on a weekend. Sadly our sacrifice of time in waking up early for a mulagan gathering failed. We were disappointed. I still remember we had to hide our disappointment and just carry on with it. Lol. Luckily I did manage to meet Gan before convocation because after convo there is no way we will meet again as we'll go our separate ways. 

with dear Bahbah. Will miss you!

 The atmosphere in the hall. Twas such fun sitting next to Cherie, ai vee and the clown Adli as we did some quick catching up on what we've been up to.

No pictures with parents yet because we went to a studio to take one and I guess it's still being developed. No pictures with most of my coursemates too like nads, wendy, wana, grace etc. because outside DTC it was such havoc and so many people that right after some pictures taken :(  

Cheers to graduation, cheers to the memories made in uni with friends. Thank and praise God for all that has happened! 

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