Monday, February 15, 2016

hello... it's been a while since i've blogged. 

my cny was a quiet one; went back to parents' hometown and came back to a quiet PJ. I like PJ when there's less cars. Very easy to drive around (especially places like ss2). i have  one more week of sem break before the new sem begins :S sigh. i always question my decision but I guess I'll trudge on since one leg is in already.

and guess what, we're in Feb already omg... can't believe January flew by just like that. where has time gone to?! i do hope i'm making memories to be kept rather than living day by day without remembering anything. or! i could do a daily journal about significant/insignificant events tht happen in a day... if i'm not lazy :P

i feel like the flow of my blog post is terpesong la.. no structure but very random. losing my blogging mojo. i tend to wonder what are my uni mates up to.. have they started working? or continuing with postgrad? or taking a break and doing some soul-searching/travelling? whatever it is, this year is a new year for us with many new things like making new friends etc... it's the circle of life that never sleeps T.T

ok i bid you farewell for now.. i dont know what else to talk about ;p


mOmO said...

I like the terpesong-ness la, haha, I'm sure it's because you type whatever comes to mind =D.

Tien Mie said...

haha true, now tht u mention it :P hope things are well with you Mel.. are you working/continuing post grad nw?