Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Life's rough tides

Life hits again; i got the offer to teach in Selangor state but the thing is I am tied down with masters. What am I to do?!?! To reject the offer is to disappoint my parents; to accept it is to bear the consequences of daily stress and in the long run either one has to be compromised. No two choices are easy.

What to do now?? :( Damn. I shouldn't have applied so fast. I shouldn't be crying over spilt milk because I cant turn back the clock. People are saying do masters part-time. But why do part-time if I can do full-time. Sigh. I dont know. Can i flip a table instead. 

To make matters worse I only have less than a week to decide. Kmenterian why you so damn efficient?!? Grr. To rant about their 'efficiency' will be another long rant. sigh.

Pray pray pray and ask for direction. 

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