Wednesday, November 16, 2016

coldplay here i come

Recently I stumbled upon rumours that Coldplay will be coming to Singapore for their (supposedly) final tour. I was ecstatic but then I thought, nahhh. Those are rumours only. Well. Lo and behold, they ARE COMING! AND I'LL BE HEADING TO SG TO CATCH IT!!!!!!! rawr!!!!

so excited!!!!! the band tht i've loved since high school is coming to shores near me! eventhough it may be mahal when convert dollar to dollar but heck, once in a lifetime man. And I heard they'll be going on an indefinite hiatus after this. ALL THE MORE TO GO. imma use my own $$ to buy my tix. 

excitedzzz. i guess this is my first concert ever. honestly i'll only go for concerts if the bands/singers are my fav fav fav. If not, then nah no point. 

stokeddd. i hope got tix left. 

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