Friday, May 20, 2011

catch your wave

I always look forward to Fridays (like today) because:

* it's the end of weekdays and time for me to put my working shoes in the closet and don my weekend slippahs.
* I get to sing all the songs of The Click Five and not care if my voice sounds hoarse. horse. kuda-kuda.
* it made me realized how much I've missed the click 5.
* I get to do some reflection on how the week has been.

It's great, working. I did learn a lot of things, from input of data to websites, and copy and pasting (u oso can do that lah) and extra general knowledge learned from my boss.

Cheers, and here's to a good weekend.

[Catch Your Wave was a hit from The Click Five's first album, Greetings From Imrie House. Do you know three of them graduated from Berkley's College of Music, a prestigious music school ?]

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