Sunday, May 22, 2011

I bought this book today. The story is a little draggy and slow at the beginning, but it's because I'm still at the beginning.

And I got selected for the TESL interview this friday. Now, how should I prepare?!?


Diana said...

Hello mie mie! I haven't seen you for soooo long! How have you been? :D

I have that book too. I finished reading it some time ago and trust me, the book is pretty good. sure, nothing can beat my best friend's girl but this book is great in its own way!

I can't wait to see you soon! then we can all hang out again! maybe catch a movie or something? take care ya love! <3

tien mie said...

hey babe, i heard you're at s'pore now izit? yupyup we should meet up with al & teresa !! u not going off anytime soon...right? :D

tien mie said...

oh do u have my best friend's girl too? can i borrow :P

Diana said...

Nah, i'm leaving mid september. long more way to go la. haha! yeah, i cannot wait to hang out with you guys! I'll prolly be back mid june for a week or so. maybe we'll see each other then?

regarding the book, i'm sorry but i don't have it. i borrowed it from may last year or so i think. maybe you can ask her? :D

tien mie said...

okie will do. YA must catch up k. nigel wil b bk by then. =) SEE you soon!!