Saturday, July 23, 2011


These few days I've been thinking a lot about my acceptance into uni, and how I'm unable to accept certain things about myself. I'm in denial, yep. I realized I have a slight problem at facing the truth. :)

One friend of mine, whom I just got to know a lot better this year said something about me that is straightforward and direct. When he said it to my face it was like a blow, like someone just slapped me, and I was telling myself, wth did you just say that?? but what he said was true, very true. it's just that no one, none of my friends ever told me that before. Ever.

So it was hard to take it in at first, and I still struggle to accept it (DENIAL). Then I had a talk with the best friend and she said the only thing to do is to take it in, and change. Simple. Change. It takes a lot of guts and courage to do that. I'll have to really step out from where I am now, my own comfort zone into something new and different. It'll be hard. But I guess sooner or later I definitely have to do it. =/

I don't blame him for telling me that, and I never will. Because all he wants is for me to improve, to be a ... better person. Cliche as it sounds, it's true. Besides, he's one of those very few who can give good, solid advice. I guess God brought this friend into my life to pour freezing cold water on me, feed me chili padi, slap me in the face so that I'll be awake and aware of the things about myself that I'm in denial.

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