Sunday, July 24, 2011

so far, so good.

I took a look at the fat mail UM sent to me; a booklet with forms to fill in i.e. medical reports/personal info, a pamphlet about the do's and don'ts and a long list of things I have to do before I enter. At one point I got paralyzed by fear, by the amount of stuff I need to get it done and it was quite scary haha.

So I took a different tactic - which is to approach this getting-certs-and-medical-reports-andwhatnot-thingamajig with a calm mind. Take deep breaths too. And have a tub of icecream in your hand.

I have a feeling a lot of things are going to change this year, things that will push me out of my boundaries and comfort zone, things that will make me try and do new stuff, things that will test my level of confidence, things that will change me. :-)

And of course I'm scared. I'm resistant to change. I like complacency.

I'm like a bowl of water that doesn't want to be stirred or thrown into the sea or being put in a bottle and shaken vigorously.

So.... it's time for me to change.

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