Thursday, August 02, 2012

His eye's on the sparrow...

As august comes and as I look back, I am thankful because:
-i hv a place to stay in campus even though i'm a PJ kid, whereas a few of my peeps who're frm JB etc didnt get. 
-Campcam changed my perspectives on things. Really thankful for this. 
- I have a great family and good friends I can count on..
-My hands are full from aug-dec. fooh a packed opera house you may say. I need more hands. Responsibilities, stress (?), guidance, commitment, stepping out, learning.... :B . But amidst all this I know i'm not alone coz I have my God who oversees these things, who's greater than all of these. 
-i am easily contented. haha which is a good thing. Which means gimme a choc/anything anytime and if i like it i'll feel happyy ;p which is a greatt stress-reliever. woot
- i have an accountability partner which started in campcam. Jess my senior. duno la we can click i guess. great companion to talk to.

....I knw He watches ovr meh.

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