Wednesday, October 03, 2012

i can't tell you why*

syoknya! ;p ku mau buat gitu.

Been listening to quite a lot of old songs lately and man, they are the best. very soothing for the soul. (Y) I enjoy being cooped up in my little uni room late at night listening to them, with a cuppa. 

Short+Sweet musical has finally ended. :) didn't win anything but that's all right, i've gained so much. And a few liked my composition :') aww. that meant a lot ady, tq guys. 

So week 4's about to end and in comes week 5. woot bring on the pumpkin carriages but don't forget the poisoned apple, it's as if i've been cursed. bahaha.

*the title of this post is a song by the Eagles. brilliant


pearly said...

wow.. sexy babe.. i remember this photo.. u told me u took this photo on a road in Cameron.. ~phewitt~~

tien mie said...

oii tht's not me la hahaha simplyy ah u.. my hair blonde meh? :P sakaii