Friday, October 19, 2012

The Gem

I know this is late but... the band Queen is ahmahzing. Beyond comprehension by any living person. Freddie Merc is brilliant. Absolutely god-gifted. I don't know how I led myself to Queen tht made me realized how awesome they are.i can't believe I've never really listened to them! prolly coz of different era. 

I wiki-ed Freddie and read his brief bio and background and i must say...hmm not the most innocent guy around but he had an amazing amazing talent and you can't deny it. I mean, his composition on Bohemian Rhapsody was real intricate. So so sad he died of HIV. And get this: "Although he cultivated a flamboyant stage personality, Mercury was a very shy and retiring man in person, particularly around people he did not know well". From Wiki. wow no kidding. -.-

What a sad thing to die so early at age 45 with SO much talent. :(

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