Sunday, December 16, 2012

loved ones

wow 9 more days 'til xmas. soo fast. also, i have 1 more week left until Semester 1 closes. :) soldier on!! yeahh. 

i realized my blog's pretty dry, no pictures and stuff. so here's some pics frm my instagram/phone/ppl's fbs tht i've imported here haha.. these pics are events/ppl i've hung out with recently, that have impacted me in a small, or big way. :) 

regular choir pracs. it's been a great blessing to be in choir and to meet so many different people from all ages. enjoyed the singing, berbonding & grilling frm choir master haha.

-taken frm amie's fb-
meet some of my alto choir members ;) (L): amie, joyce, aunt rosalind, sharon. they're my fellow alto comrades haha.. <3 nbsp="nbsp">

xianjing and su. got to know su better this yr :) cool yf leader, fren, advisor, mcd kawan. haha. XJ and i are close buddies oredi, bt this yr we've gotten closer. my makan+shoppin+hanging out kaki <3 p="p">

taken frm joyce's fb. selyna, rachael, joyce. VBS 2012. it's refreshing to serve with younger ppl coz they remind u of d time when u're their age, and they help u see things in a diff perspective. all my good buddies. love ya gurls <3 p="p">

jenna + joseph. i got to know both of them a lot better this year through choir too. jenna's a nice gal, easy to chat with & who's real and sincere with no facade or front. need book recommendations? find her ;p. joseph, ah the choir head. cool guy, quirky n funny, good teacher + advisor + encourager. tq for all yr insight about uni + life after uni. yes, it's a blessing to meet both of them.

lovely coffee from artisan roast coffee. WORTH IT. Taman tun dr ismail, go google. very nice. :) And beef noodles slurps. first time eating this with some gellatin thingy that is chewable. not bad. worth a second shot.

last but not least, an xmas party at melvin's house, the most recent event. really good food & fellowship with the girls. couldn't ask for more lah.. then got xmas carols lalala! (: and i miss Dianaong + teresalo who's overseas. good to see teresa recently, it was a warm and great catch up. take care u gurls <3 p="p">

that's all. too panjang dy haha. tata for now. :) 

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