Wednesday, December 26, 2012


so many things have happened, but Christmas remained one of the events I look forward to the most. This Christmas has been special, especially the bond among choir peeps. It's been great berbonding with people whom I always hang out with and also with those whom I hardly got the chance to sit down and chat with. It has been a wonderful journey with God and with them. :) 

Here're some pics from friends' fbs & my 'canggih' phone: 

not choir, but tlc caroling. :) twas great singin in 3 houses, n feeling tired, but a good kind of tired. ;p

kisses. Vera, cecil, joyce. youthful ppl tht keeps me young.

now this is TLC choir at Nilai gospel hall for our 'touring'. 

narrators; jenna and i :). we couldn't have memorize our kinda last min scripts if it weren't for God's help.

after our christmas performance. joyce and rach. we hv a whatsapp chat group called Sakai Gurlz. yezzahh

matt and lucy, kawan baikku.

joyee,lucy,cecil, matt & jo. great singing with u all.

the 3 stooges. my fav gurls ;) will miss you when u go to GLO, xian. 

Mr Conductor jo & amie. :) we'll miss you leading us in choir jo! thanks for sharing your gift in music with us. u've inspired many with your talent.

sakai faces

TLC Choir 2012. 

moral of the story: choir brings people together to serve Him bersama. haha. 

Tq God, for everything.

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