Friday, March 15, 2013

change is here.

Hey! so i haven't been really updating because i admit i have neglected my blog :) 

March has been pretty all right so far. No major workload YET but a lot of makans and eating and nomnoms which is bad because i think i gained lotsa weight. shit, that kinda sucks.

firstly, MAM (music & arts ministry) retreat was fruitful in terms of planning and fellowship. Everyone got to know everyone better, had good makan as usual (makan is always in the picture) and planned quite a lot for 2013. Responsibilities and some workload to do, but hey I shall see it as an opportunity to grow. huzzah! 

taken from amie's fb :D here is the kickass mam team.

also, the boss aka joseph is going away to china for 3months and im a bit worried that the music dept will not run smoothly. gah. it will be under new management haha. do i have to be strict? as firm? Yes I will, only when needed. anyway there's always email so anything i can email jo. I will leave it to God and rely on his strength. huzzah! 

as a mini farewell for jo, we had good chicken rice in DJ & gongcha after. It was a good time of fellowship :) let's have more soon

cheers to a fruitful March.

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