Monday, July 08, 2013

what the holidays did to me

I can't remember where I got this pic from but it sure is pretty calming to look at.

Since the hols are here I've been having the time of my life; relaxing and chilling to the max, except for some stuff that needs to be done like christmas preparation & visiting english classes as a requirement for my course. I've also done a lot of reading (very happy!), finishing the Tiffany Aching  & Hunger Games series that I bought in Feb. I was soo tempted to read it then but I controlled myself, saving it for holidays.

 I love reading. Can't understand how some don't like reading. different interests? not used to the habit of reading? To read a book is to be edified, to be taken into a whole new world to feel, to love, to sympathize, to cry. I've spent an entire day finishing a book because it's too good to put down. Everyone needs an escape sometime through a good book with good coffee. 

I've also done some re-checking on the friendships I've made throughout this year (or my entire lifetime haha). Quite cryptic huh. Some friendships are for keeps, some are stagnant where no one wants to probe further while a few needed to be released from my circle. That being said, it sorta opened my eyes to who are my true friends and who are not. 

Self-reflection also has been done. One needs to reflect back in order to improve... Yup. You'd be surprised how fulfilling this is. 

Running man has also been on my list! My fav show. :-) K lah I feel my blogging mojo seeping out of me. Tata! Until next time.

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