Friday, September 13, 2013

it's back again

September reminds me of this mini-stint I did last year. try and spot me in my fav indian blouse ;p

Good experience being in the arts scene of KL, albeit a small part only. If any of you are unfamiliar with this, it's a competition of sorts for budding actors, musicians, dancers and comedians to showcase their talent to you, malaysia. check out more here: S+S  it's happening every sept annually.

hee promoting S+S here pulak. For me I would avoid doing this again while still in uni coz it's seriously hectic and draining. ALtho the performance only takes up 3days, it's tiring coz I had to rush back to my then-college to change and go straight to klpac for tech runs etc.. and not forgetting all the practices before the main event. But if this is your sort of adrenaline rush then go for it :)

 it's also the first time i composed music for a 10minute 'musical'. No joke k, considering how amateurish i am, with little exposure to music composition. But nonetheless it was exhilarating, awesome and cool to display your own music to other people, to be judged at and to have a small cast to dance according to yr own music.

So go for this. priceless experience :)

p/s: is it just me or is september flying past very fast?

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