Saturday, September 07, 2013

Third Year!

I still haven't gotten over the fact that I'm in my third year in uni. For me, 3rd year is like the threshold, the "climax" of the entire 4-year course. It's diff from 4th yr coz when u reach it u're like, Yeahhh anything goes lah. You're the oldest tree in a sea of young, eager fresh greenery, and they probably see you as Treebeard from LOTR:


I'm half-excited and half not-so-excited about 3rd year :/ It's another cycle in the life of an undergrad. Quoth someone: "The never-ending cycle".

Oh wells.. this sem I'm just gona do my best for myself & for God. I'm gona try quit procrastination (this is a big promise but imma try!). 

Cheers to a new semester come Monday.

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TheAppleEatter said...

I refuse to look like that. I'm going to be fantabulous :P