Tuesday, December 24, 2013

week 14 has passed! Yay! But the storm will only pass after finals. Ah well.. This semester flew by real fast, maybe coz I had nonstop assignments and choir practices. The weeks just kept coming and going that by the time I realize it, I'm in the last week already.

What a hectic semester it has been. Juggling choir and assignments was not easy but I thank God I managed to pull through and I felt that my time management was better haha. Like when I know I have practices on thurs and sun nights, I made sure I finish my assignments before those nights and that gave me a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. I like that :) 

I remembered one of the days last week was my first day ever where I could just wake up without having to worry about choir/assignments etc. I think that day was a day with no lectures or choir practices. I really had nothing to do and I felt kind of lost, like I needed something to do, to keep me occupied. I forgot what it felt like to have nothing on my schedule and when that happens, I felt a bit weird and couldn't get used to it. But it was a good feeling, nonetheless :) 

As christmas comes tomorrow, it will be the last time choir will be singing those songs, or the last of our practices. I feel relieved that it's ending, but also kind of sad too, all the fun and hard work will just be memories. A bittersweet moment indeed. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. Cheers. 

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