Wednesday, January 29, 2014

hello.. 19days til a brand new semester starts and so far, holidays have been good. I managed to read a few books that tugged my heartstrings but i'm still stuck on this book called The Last Empress by Anchee Min, probably 'cause it's mostly about ancient China history so it's a lil dry but informative nonetheless. Looking forward to more book vouchers from the gov. I've also had makan outings with friends and the time spent with them were priceless. Had a recent makan farewell for church fren who has inspired me to think and grow more in my thoughts and perspectives. Take care, miss Lye. you'll be a good nurse over there, I'm so sure of that :) I've also done my LOTR movie marathon (the highlight of my hols!) w00t, and bought some cny jeans frm my fav store, Dorothy perkins. As a student, I think I spend way too much :/ Need to control my spending!

this year's cny is no different from last year's; balik parents' kampung, makan, meet relatives, ang paos and that's about it. Not to mention cheesy cny songs in shopping malls/radios that make my skin crawl. Yep, predictable music chords, no syncing in musical instruments and shallow lyrics (not that i understand also haha). You might as well call me the scrooge of CNY lol. Well happy cny to you too. Don't let me dampen your spirit! 

So cute right the panda. 


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