Saturday, January 04, 2014

I may be a tad late but I just caught Desolation of smaug today and it was nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed the entire 3hour-long storyline although many said it was too draggy. I disagree! That's what makes a very thorough and concrete storyline. There was not one part where I felt it was boring, albeit I didn't really like the love triangle among legolas, kili and the elf girl. Meh, half-baked. Maybe the next movie lebih masak kot.

Martin freeman as bilbo was fantastic stuff. I loved his portrayal as a timid hobbit who built his courage by facing his fears, rising to the occasion by being courageous when all his friends were counting on him. His quiet confidence and quirky demeanour were one of my favs. Despite being timid, I think he can be a really good leader if given the chance as he leads by heart, rationality and compassion, not by brawn. 

Thorin, on the other hand is also pretty amazing and is fit to be crowned as King. Such inspiring courage and confidence displayed. And oh, how the other dwarves looked up to him! :) 

All in all it was a kickass movie. Only movies I really love will have the privilege of being blogged. haha. 

 After my finals that's it imma do a LOTR movie marathon. It's sacrilege if you haven't watch em!!!!!

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