Sunday, May 11, 2014

lately i realized i haven't had indian rojak in AGES gahhhh.

click this link: Uhmazin Indian Rojak

I've been a loyal customer to No.4 aka taman bahagia indian rojak since I was a lil kiddo. My dad used to bring me thre quite often until we were frequent customers whre d uncle immediately recognized us. Now, or rather a year ago, I went back there again and nothing's changed; a weathered white truck parked at the side of the field, patrons lounging on plastic stools or sitting under the gazebo with their rojaks, pigeons flapping here and there and the cemented playground stood forlornly in the centre, awkwardly being the subject of patrons' gazes as they wait for their rojaks to be prepared.

The only thing changed was the Uncle manning the rojak store. Dad went up to him and asked what happened to the previous uncle? Dia sudah balik india la, said the current one. :( oh wells. but still, the legacy of this rojak stall lives on. Im gona visit it Soon!!!

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