Wednesday, June 04, 2014

shallow post

I recently revisited Mulan and it's so amazing on so many levels. Watching it now as a young adult made me appreciate its musical scores (especially I'll Make a Man outta You. The beginning of the song is pretty inspiring), the storyline and the hidden messages where there's a difference in social status between women and men. Very interesting. Loved it :-) 

The same goes with Prince of Egypt too. Brilliant musical scores. 

Where do these people get their musical talent from?! Ah.. from the One above.. ;) 

It took me years to realize this but chatime's milktea pales in comparison with gongcha's milktea. Haha. And it took me years to find the perfect tea-based drink: Milk Tea, original at its core. No more running, searching and trying fruity/yoghurt/coffee-based drinks from both chatime and gongcha. Because the Original Milktea IS da BOMB :D Now I totally understand what a few of my friends meant when they said the original milktea is the clincher. :) I am sold, gongcha. tq. xoxo

I sound so unintelligent. :P maybe coz the hols have mushed my brain. lalala

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