Monday, November 24, 2014

Alas, I finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The last time I read it was in 2011 but I stopped 1/4 in The Return of the King because then, I felt it was too long and windy. But recently, for the past 1 week, I savoured every detail & description of this trilogy and when I came to the ending, I got teary-eyed when Frodo decided to leave the Shire & his hobbit mates. To many, it may be nothing but to me I guess I connected deeply with these characters & I've seen how they've endured so much throughout their journey in Middle-Earth. Not only the hobbits but for the rest of the company who journeyed in this quest; aragorn, legolas, gandalf (!), boromir & gimli. 

Great, great book this is. Worth re-reading. No regrets at all. Tolkien is a genius. He brought to life his ideas of a fictional Middle-Earth & its inhabitants, all brilliantly woven in this book. Such a gem!! I don't mind reading this again 3 years down the road =) When I have kids (if I do) I would definitely ask them to read this book.

Long live The Lord of the Rings!

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