Friday, September 18, 2015

the day we saw red

The day we saw red
fear was thick in the air
together with anger and hatred
many felt things were unfair.

The day we saw red
hopelessness hung in the air
a man was found dead
warning the swords of justice to beware.

The day we saw red
was a celebration of unity
but some felt they were too thoroughbred
and denounced the rest of the community.

The day we saw red
some hoped for peace
and to greener grass have fled
who will help this conflict cease?

The above was beautifully and aptly penned by my good friend, Al. It struck too many right notes of the reality I'm in. We're stuck in this big sticky web of selfishness, self-righteousness and greed and the ones at the fringes, the ones who had nothing to do with spinning the web are caught in it as well.

Injustice is as injustice can be.

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