Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Finally, i've been waiting so long for this moment; i have no more exams! sem 1 done and dusted! it has been very busy, tiring but quite fun on a whole. I've learnt so so much in 1 sem compared to the 4 years in undergrad. undergrad and master's is a huge jump and I would caution anyone who thinks it's an easy walk in the park -- because hell no it's not. 

undergrad is really nothing compared to master's. if you're already struggling in undergrad, i suggest you don't go masters because you'll drown no doubt.... unless of course you decided to be hardworking and quit procrastinating... (how many of us have made this promise but always fail to do so?)

anyway... i'm so happy i get to rest now for a while and recharge. I needa remind myself to keep swimming like Dory from finding nemo. i can do this, i know i can! 

cheers everyone. fresh new year, new responsibilities, new perspective, new circle of friends, new everything lah :B

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