Friday, August 26, 2016

Prof umbridge in d house yo

LOL how apt. Life is a rollercoaster now. I seriously need more time in a day. I need more days in a week!!!! T.T 

What's more, tomorrow I have a compulsory training in Hogwarts on how to manage stress. -_- On a Saturday. Seriously? Why kacau our saturdays?! *cries in a corner* saturdays are my days to catch up on my masters. why rob it from me. SIGH

Oh gomen.... if only you would tune your resources to things much more pressing and quit wasting TIME on trivial matters. TIME is precious, TIME is money. it should never be wasted on ridiculous seminars just for the sake of abiding on what's been stated on paper. C'mon gaiz... yall haf brainzz... 6 ounces of em.... USE EM WISELY.. dont let it go to waste, although I already feel yall have been wasting it all these while.

now now waittamin, hold your horses yall, dont accuse me of badmouthing. I mentioned no name, no organization. I was merely referring to the time when Prof Umbridge was the head of management. Sigh. She really does have a huge ass hair and a penchant for jewelry.

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