Monday, July 14, 2014

Should I teach my form5 boys Civics? or should I just play some light games with them/ask them thought-provoking questions to allow them to release pre-spm tension. Hmm. 

Teaching practical aside, I guess so far I'm coping. I'm used to sleeping and waking up early. Whenever I go into a stationary shop and I see something interesting, I have the instinct to buy for my students. They're on my mind 24/7 I tell you. Why? -.- Am I starting to care? (I think so). Am I starting to form a bond with them? (I think so too).

When I think ahead of my last day of practical, I start to feel sad and mushy already. Is this what every trainee teacher has to go through? Or they happily leave their training place and their kids. I hope I don't cry on my last day haha. The boys wouldn't know how to react. 

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