Sunday, May 10, 2015


Finally, something I can blog on besides uni life. Warning, this post is a little self-indulgent. lol.

 Recently I read this book:

It's about the diary of this young Jewish girl, Anne Frank during the Nazi period who, together with her family, went into hiding for 2 years from the Gestapo (horrible German soldiers) who were going from house to house, rounding up all Jews and sending them to extermination & concentration camps. Anne wrote in her diary for 2 years before the Gestapo came and captured her entire family and sent them to camps. 

It was a poignant reminder of what wars can do to the people, especially a very, very stupid and senseless genocide such as the Holocaust, where Anne's family and 6 million other Jews were victims of it. If you don't know what that is, where have u been living?? Under a rock?? This is general knowledge man. shame on u!

The brainchild of Holocaust came from none other than Adolf Hitler, the ruthless monster who gave the order to kill Jews in Europe, either through forced labor, hanging, torture, shooting point-blank or gas chambers. 

The point of what i'm trying to get is... it's such an inhumane thing to do to kill innocent Jews just like that. (Btw 6 million Jews died ok.) Gruesome, cold-blooded, barbaric. Who the heck would think of killing innocent people other than Hitler and his bunch of sadistic henchmen. I duno why but when I read the commentary at the end of the book, a hug wave of sadness hit me hard. So, so atrocious. It's not even considered a massacre because the word massacre cannot encompass such a huge number as 6 million Jews - all dead. It's a genocide already. Sigh.

So hence one of my dream places to visit would have to be the concentration camps that the Jews were sent to. The major camps that I wana visit are Auschwitz, Treblinka and Krakow. I wana be connected to this history that changed the human race, a history that no one will ever forget in thousands of years to come. 

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